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Easy way to renew your Microsoft Certifications

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Microsoft Learn provides you facilities to extend the expiry of your certification by one year. I renewed my solution architect expert badge by attaining 26 questions.

Welcome to set-techie blog post. This blog will give you information about renewing your certification using Microsoft Learn and Sample Questionnaires.

“Certification badges give you showcasing credibility”

If you are certified or have cleared examinations earlier, there is opportunity for you to extended the certification expiry by year.

How to find your certificate is expiring?

Please login to Microsoft Learn and Certification Dashboard:

If any of your certifications are expiring in next 180 days, you will receive below message:

Please click on "Renew this Certification" and proceed to verify your eligibility. Once you are eligible, you will be given chance to take up quick test.

I wish you good luck with your cert renewal.


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