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CQD Power BI Connector

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I feel IT admins and architects need to understand more about teams behavior as adoption of Microsoft Teams has increased by 1000%

Welcome to set-techie, today we will discuss about new beta Power BI connector made available for Microsoft Teams.

Design with Ease

“ Now you can develop your reports and create stats to influence your next preventive action”

Microsoft has created some basic dashboards by default and made available as beta for now, also you can create your own if needed.

List of reports made available:

CQD Helpdesk Report

CQD Location Enhanced Report

CQD Mobile Device Report


CQD Summary Report

CQD Teams Usage Report

CQD User Feedback Report (Rate My Call)

All of these dashboards have multiple pages with options to choose the data you need.

Stun Your Readers

“now let us understand by performing

As I am recording video, I will provide steps for you to achieve the similar results:

Step 1: Use PowerBI Desktop App on Windows 10. (Install PowerBI Desktop application)

Step 2: Download the connector from below link:

Step 3: Check folder path exist or not:

"C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors"

If exist, you can extract files from downloaded folders to here or create a directory and extract all here.

Step 4: If the connector file is a *.mez file, you will also need to adjust your security settings as described in the custom connector setup documentation.

Step 5: Open the PowerBI desktop app and try to get the data. Rest of the steps are defined in the video above.

Proactive Tips: (Can be derived from reports)

Architects / IT Administrator:

Try to understand top hit users, fix issues proactively.

Fix network issues if round trips are more. (Location Data will help you)

Minimize the PSTN usage by establishing federations.

Total Adoption rate within organization.


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