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How To Renew Your MCT Credentials?

Maintaining MCT credentials are crucial for any trainer as it provides many pathways and opportunities for a trainer.

Welcome to Set-Techie. I have tried to my best showcase a procedure to renew your MCT certification. Some of these steps might help first timer MCT applicants as well and it is mandatory to have Microsoft Certifications for any track before you apply/renew your MCT.

Train The Trainer (3T)

Please follow steps below:

This link will guide you to Microsoft Learning Dashboard you have. Once you have the dashboard ready presenting details, select “Renew Your MCT Certification”:

You will be redirected to renewal portal and details (Like your current MCT expiry) will be showcased to you similar to below:

Once you click on renew option, you need to fill in the details (Like: employer type and your training audience) to prove your MCT efforts in the current term. Once you provide these details, you can move further:

Click Next

Below screen shows your current certs and options to join Alumni program if you are not meeting criteria.

Click Next

If you or region is exempted from the MTM, you need to provide the details like below to prove your trainings were authentic.

If MTM were not exempted, you need to provide proof of surveys like NPS ratings or feedback forms filled by attendees.

Click Next to Accept the terms and conditions.

Click on pay now

It will take you to vendor’s page and you need to provide your personal details like:

First Name, Last Name, Address, Payment methods and details. Usually the charges for renewal is USD 100.

(Note: while renewing in 2020, there was 100% waiver on the fees)

Once you complete the process, print the receipt and order welcome kit.

Happy Teaching !


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