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Cloud Armor

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Cloud Armor in the google cloud platform is a security feature similar to a network security group in Microsoft Azure.

This video will explain to you how to create policies under network security or cloud armor in GCP.

“Do you have a DDoS Defense? why not leverage the feature from cloud aromor? would like to create some flexible rules around network security?”

Advantage of GCP armor are:

  • Benefit from DDoS protection and WAF at Google-scale

  • Detect and mitigate attacks against your Cloud Load Balancing workloads

  • Mitigate OWASP Top 10 risks and help protect workloads on-premises or in the cloud

Key features of armor:

Visibility and monitoring: Easily monitor all of the metrics associated with your security policies in the Cloud Monitoring dashboard.

IP-based and geo-based access control: Filter your incoming traffic based on IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or CIDRs.

Support for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to defend applications from DDoS or web attacks and enforce Layer 7 security policies whether your application is deployed on Google Cloud or in a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture.


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