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Az305 and Azure Passes

Do we need Az305? or stay with Az303 & 304?


Course Az 305 is 4 days intensive technical course!

This is the replacement of 303 and 304, old ones will retire in March!

The majority of you might be thinking that what is the difference? content would remain mostly similar but we would have a different learning experience.

There is a must-have pre-requisites knowledge check for gaining/attaining certification!

• Azure Active Directory

• Azure compute technologies such as VMs, containers, and serverless solutions

• Azure virtual networking to include load balancers

• Azure Storage technologies (unstructured and databases)

Course Content

This course is organized into 11 areas, the best sequence of 11 areas goes like below for learning purposes but not for real-time Designing and Architecture of Infra.

Design governance solutions*

Design compute solutions*

Design Non-relational storage solutions*

Design relational storage solutions*

Design data integration solutions

Design application solutions*

Design authentication and authorization solutions*

Design monitoring solutions

Design network solutions*

Design backup solutions

Design migration solutions

*course module has the case study!

Course Content Link: (Free Version)

Azure Architecture icons for creating private case studies:

Please fill in the below form to have your Azure Passes:



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