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Mock Exam: Would like to test your Azure Admin skills? (Az-104)

Remember those old days of attending preparatory exams before board exams?

Welcome to Set-Techie. As most of you know that Microsoft upgraded the Azure Admin track from 103 to 104. During this pandemic situation, most tech souls are upgrading themselves as a survival, career move, and upgrading self-knowledge. This is my bit to help you all to prepare technically and mentally for your certification.

Complete with Ease

“ Testing your skills is required to upgrade your self”

I have created this exam sheet for you with answer codes, which will help you understand correct answers with explanations.

Exam Outline

As you are aware we are focusing on exam-related topics, I have tried my level best to segregate the questions with the respective study modules we have in the official Az104 course from Microsoft.

Exam BluePrint:

  1. 11 Modules

  2. 95 Questions

  3. Points of 1130 in total.

  4. The question which has only one option/choice as the answer will be accounted for 10 points and multiple answers will be for 20 points.

Before you attempt the mock test:

“ Verify your preparation

Azure Administrator Examination will provide you the knowledge and understanding of admin responsibilities I would request you to take this exam as many times as required to understand the concepts of Azure.

Good Luck, Here is your exam:

Once you complete your examination, please do paste your results in the comment section below.

If you cannot access the exam here in the below space, please click here.


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